So You Want To Start A Website?

If you’re looking into starting a website, then the time is now!  There has never been an easier time to build your own website, even from the ground up.  I actually love making websites–it’s one of my favorite things to do.  My platform of choice is WordPress for a variety of reasons.

Some web developers might balk at WordPress (a friend of mine says it’s not a “real” website).  But the fact remains: many of today’s biggest websites are built and run on WordPress, and WordPress has one of the most robust and functional libraries of plugins that enhance functionality and usability.

WordPress sites are loved by Google and do great in terms of SEO, and with plugins like Yoast you can get a leg up on the competition when it comes to being ranked in the search engines.  I used to think that WordPress sites were too code heavy to do well in Google, but things have changed over the years and now I build all of my SEO websites on WordPress.  There’s simply no need to use another platform or language.

With the advent of some seriously good pagebuilders such as Elementor, it’s possible to create a WordPress site that looks ANY way you want.  You don’t have to be stuck with templates if you don’t want to.  I can now make a WordPress site match a client PDF design and the site loads fast and furious.

Also, designing in WordPress is fun – you don’t need to know a lot of coding (or any coding as a matter of fact).  I actually do not know how to code at all beyond a few nominal html codes.

If you’re stuck wondering what host to get, never fear.  I have written up a long guide on the best WordPress hosting of 2019.  My top choice is A2, but if you’re looking for something cheap then 1and1 Ionos is a good choice.  BlueHost is also a viable option for those who are looking for something extremely beginner friendly.  I’ve also used Hostgator but it’s been a bit messy on the back end, so I didn’t include that in the review.  Also, GoDaddy is the WORST.  Please stay away from them!

The most important thing to think about when starting a blog is that it should really be something you’re passionate about!  That way, it won’t feel like a chore to keep updating.  I should know – I’ve tried to start blogs about things I really don’t care about just to make money, and it’s so boring.  It’s just very hard to keep up with.  Also, people can tell if you’re not being authentic in your writing.  It takes a special kind of writer to sound authentic about a topic they really don’t know anything about.  So if you don’t have that authenticity your readership will suffer.

So, choose your topic wisely, and give yourself a schedule to write on certain days.  Maybe publish an article each day on the weekends or your days off.  Don’t make goals that are too overwhelming at first.  Let yourself enjoy it!